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Innovation training options today tend to be un-empathetic, gimmicky, and too high level. Team development approaches are available only when organizations engage with expensive consultants. We’ve created a suite of programs to take you to your next level.

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Understanding and Utilizing Popular Assessments


Understanding Artificial Intelligence: A 101-Level Webinar


Improve Innovation Outcomes through Collaborative Sensemaking & Wayfinding

Free Webinar with Matt Arnold of Spark Consulting Group.RECORDING AVAILABLE IN OUR COMMUNITY.

Coaching, Training, & Workshops

Innovation Strength Training

Build your innovation muscle! This program provides individuals with curriculum-based coaching from professional innovators.

High Performance Leadership Mentoring

Learn to drive change as a leader in your organization. We help you develop an aspirational identity, then utilize performance models and design thinking to elevate your performance. You'll be stretched as you develop into a powerful change agent.

High-Performance Innovation Leadership

Work to stay at the top of your game! This program provides established innovation leaders with curriculum-based coaching from professional innovators.

Upset The Status Quo: Building High-Performance Innovation Teams

Take your team to new heights! This half-day or full-day workshop is designed to give teams the language and tools required to innovate at a high level. Teams will learn how to become courageously adaptable in the face of change through the use of Team Roles and Today’s Innovator Profiles.

Innovation Games® Workshop

Learn the skills to collaborate using Innovation Games® techniques in your teams and organizations. This one day workshop will help you become more innovative and productive by learning to facilitate and play games to solve problems.

Innovation Strategy Workshop: Building the Case for Innovation

Draw upon Today's Innovator's experience in developing an innovation strategy for your team or organization. This one day workshop will utilize a variety of frameworks and exercises to develop a future-state vision and a roadmap for execution of an innovation strategy.

Developing an Innovative Mindset Workshop

Innovation is about how YOU show up everyday. From your home life, to work, the language you use and mentality you have impact everything you do and everyone you work with. This one day workshop will guide you through lessons and reflection exercises to help you master an innovative mindset.

Introducing Shout.Camp from Today's Innovator

Camp leaders are working hard to make sense of our new world. Forward-looking adjustments to strategies and programming are required to meet the world where it is. But it’s difficult to shift away from what’s has worked in the past. 

We help camps move from where they are to where they need to be. Our approach leverages the best of your camp’s traditions as a foundation, while discovering what changes will produce the most profound effect. Click here to learn more about Shout.Camp.


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